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I was contacted by a broker in New York who apparently was shopping for companies looking for funds, When he told me about a middle east investment broker, I was quite skeptical at first. However, I contacted 121Dubai and spoke with Mr. Abdul. I was quite impressed with their terms. Today, we were able to execute our project in due time, fully funded and we have completed all returns to the investors.
CityScape Brazil
I have been looking for a business that will manage my funds (which wasnt much). I looked at a few fundraising website and angel investment platforms. My challenge has always been that startups are high risk. How do I mitigate the risk of investing in a company that might not make it through the stormy days? A friend introduced me to 121Dubai. I completed the required self assesment and was added to the list of investors. Within days, I got a call about a company that had potentials on Fundable.com. I gave a nod and the fund went in. Surprisingly, this little company with their amazing product, sold out completely just right upon launch. I made quick ROI in the shortest possible time ever recorded in any investment portfolio I ever held. Now, thats what I call a good call.
Private Investor
My first thought about investment brokers is always "Complex and Expensive". When I stumbled upon 121Dubai, I maintained my thoughts and opinion. However, I used their website and within hours, I saw that my funding request was approved. I thought it was a joke. A few hours later, I got a call from Anastasia and she was requesting for my project specimen. I mailed it out, still waiting for a shocker only to get the biggest shocker of all. I was offered the funds I needed, all of it at an APR of 4% which was quite higher than advertised, but it was good enough for me.
Hotel Banjul, Contractor